Classic Villa Vacations

Settignano villa very near Florence sleeps 2, 4, 6 or up to 12, Vil

  • The historical estate offers two houses and a barn which are located in a classical Tuscan setting on the grounds of a famous Renaissance Villa - known for its Italian-style gardens. Once these houses were used for storing the lemon trees during chilly winter months and olives during the harvest in November, now the spacious buildings are converted into the most comfortable and contemporary country homes with an impressing balance between modern and traditional interiors.

    Due to the unique location in the hills just outside of Florence, the guests enjoy the Tuscan countryside with olive groves and uncontaminated air, as well as the attractions of the city of Florence which can be reached easily by a public bus or by city taxis.

    The village of Settignano and the bus stop for the public bus to Florence are in walking distance.

    The estate offers three independent homes: one for 2 guests, one for 4 guests, one for 6 guests.

    The homes can be rented for parties from 2 to 12 guests.



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