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Florence Apartments & More

Florence - Rent an apartment in Florence, live like a local in Florence, Apartments in Florence are lovely and spacious, a great way to truly enjoy this Renaissance town. To truly enhance your locals experience try a historic walking tour, a cooking class in Florence, market tour? Gelato and more … stay a few days, stay a week, a year….

Florence – or Firenze – as the Italians call it – is one of the most romantic towns imaginable. Somehow just a short stay and already Florence seeps into your soul…the golden hues of the buildings, the sun’s reflection on the Arno – as it winds past the red-tiled buildings, under the Ponte Vecchio – go at the right time and the reflections are amazing… the photo images you can create magical! The Duomo and the Campanile ( bell tower) together are the quintessential Florence, picture them against the blue Tuscan skies that one is so lucky to have ( often) when in Florence!  The markets at San Lorenzo, the Mercato Nuovo, San Ambroggio – give you a wonderful opportunity to buy a mix of fabrics, leathers, Venetian glass, treasures from around the world, and of course, the wonderful fresh food…take it home, eat it on the spot! Little wine enoteca’s dot the city – for a quick stop to taste some wonderful tuscan wines, Florence is for walking, stopping, chatting, sitting on the piazza, buying a gelato, ( it’s hard to pick a flavour – will it be hazelnut, lemon, tiramisu, walnut, bacci or simply vanilla or chocolate?)

Art….  The whole city is a work of art, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and Michelangelo's "David" are just two of the most well-known of the thousands of stunning works that can be found in the Uffizzi, the Galleria dell’Accademia, and simply wandering around the streets.