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Palazzo Canaletto - luxury villa in Venice - sleeps up to 17

  • Luxury Villa in Venice, a rare find! Sleeps up to 17. This charming four stories Venetian house with two private docks on the water front facing west, overlooking the Canale San Pietro. On the north side the verdant campo San Pietro with its church and bell tower and on its south side, the small garden with fully equipped open air and covered living spaces.

    Sleeps up to 17 in 6 formal bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom, and a spacious loft with a further bathroom.

    Each bathroom has a walk in shower.

    Main kitchen for large parties, cooking lesson and normal cooking for the guests. First floor kitchen mainly for breakfast but also supporting the main kitchen when guests will eat in the dining room or terrace. Garden room kitchen for open air drinks, snacks and more.

    Gym with hot tub. Three living areas on the first floor, on the loft and on the garden.

    Imagine staying in a house painted by Canaletto and Guardi, beside a church designed by Palladio (1558) and a bell tower by Mauro Codussi (1480).

    Some ideas of what you can dream of in this luxury villa in Venice

    You can have your private lunches or dinners as large parties (for up to 300 guests spread in a 10,000 feet site) in eight possible dining areas: there is nothing similar offered in Venice!

    Your party can be served:

    · at the XVth c. cavana, (the 90 sq. meters ancient landing room at the ground floor);

    · under the pergola, in the garden;

    · on the water upon the "Vianello" boatyard jetty;

    · at the garden room facing the pergola;

    · under the squero (previous boat shelter);

    · at the first floor indoor dining room;

    · at the first floor terrace (overlooking the San Pietro Canal on one side and the garden on the other);

    · on the altana (the top terrace above the roof) overlooking Venice with outstanding views on the laguna, and the Alps.

    The professional kitchen at the ground floor is equipped for serving meals for up to 50 seated guests. Larger parties (for 200 and more) can be organized through selected caterers.

    The house offers spa with large hot tub, gym, wide hall in the cavana, still wider in the gallery to organize any kind of event (cinema, theatre, discotheque, conferences, art exhibitions, and more).

    To get a clearer idea of the shape and distributionn of spaces, prese see the house plans in images below.

Positano, girl in Positano, Postino villa view

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 Authentic Tuscan dinner in home, cooking class, wine tasting, special life milestones: anniversary, birthday, wedding, and more.

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