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A bucket list trip to Italy - Thank you

September 09, 2018

A bucket list trip to Italy - Thank you

A recent client wrote this amazing review of her trip to Italy, it deserves its full page, do contact us to recreate this dream holiday for you.

I just wanted to thank you again for your help planning our incredible Italy trip!  We all had such an amazing time and truly loved the food, the accommodations, the wine and the tours!  I am sure Chris and Cathy will give you feedback for the trip as well but thought i would for the parts I booked thru you and including Rome.
Our guide, Gabrielle, for the Lucca tour was incredible.  He made the history come alive and all 8 of us thought he was great!  Lucca was charming and we only wished we had more time to explore and do a little shopping as well. We would have loved to spend the rest of the day roaming around, renting bikes, and do a little shopping. Definitely will have to return and visit it again.
The BBQ lunch we had on the farm again was spectacular - literally sat on a picnic bench with our own private cook BBQing  behind us.  Lots of wine and food was great!
Rome: the hotel was in a perfect location and  both of us couples were upgraded to suites which was a nice treat at the end of our vacay! Would definitely stay here again.
Our first night we did the progressive dinner and we all had no idea what to expect.  This was one of the highlights for me and any foody would enjoy this tour.  Our host, Marino,took us around to places we would have never ventured which were all amazing and he was definitely knowledgeable and charming.  I would highly recommend this dinner tour to anyone!  In fact the four of us ventured out the next day and returned to one of the spots he took us to. Supplizio was a big hit!
Kev and I had Barbara for our private tour of the Vatican and she utilized every second to give us facts and history on this amazing place.  She was fun and entertaining as well and we really enjoyed spending the morning with her and walked away with a deeper appreciation for the Vatican and the deep history.
The four of this went on to the Colosseum and met up with Nina who was a little light of energy who's passion and love for what she does is very evident.  Again, the tour was full of info and history and she was great.  Unfortunately Kev and I were pretty tired and the weather was very hot so for us it was a bit too long of a day but this is by no means a complaint against her...just too much to try and fit in for one day. 
Once again thank you for all your help planning this amazing bucket trip for us! 

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