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The real danger of Coronavirus

March 05, 2020

The real danger of Coronavirus

The Real Danger of the Coronavirus

Fiona Cameron Lister

Feb 24 · 8 min read

Italy is in crisis as more victims die. But there’s a greater danger facing us all.

I am sitting here in our apartment in Florence, Tuscany feeling both scared and defiant. The normally bustling street is quiet. After an extraordinary week which has profoundly shocked Italy, the world is catching up. The news everywhere is dominated by the potential impact of Coronavirus.

Over the past few days in Italy the mood has shifted many times. The government and health officials are now adopting a calming and reassuring stance, realising that panic and misinformation can have catastrophic effects on the national psyche.

Fear of an epidemic is as old as mankind itself

The country’s president, Sergio Mattarella, has called for the “irrational and motiveless fear” to stop.

The Italian Society of Psychiatrists (SIP) has issued guidelines on how to cope with “Coronavirus stress and anxiety.”

Enrico Zanalda, president of the society talks of the “violent impact” on daily life. Fear of the virus has caused “the cancellation or postponement of thousands of small but important events in people’s lives from birthdays to baptisms.”

“Fear of an epidemic is as old as mankind itself. In this case its effect is amplified by incomplete, even false information which has caused public confidence in our institutions to collapse.” Read on....htps://

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